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G8 Summit

Whilst at CTN Communications, Zebra’s founder, Rosanna led the production team that delivered the 2013 G8 Summit in Lough Erne in Northern Ireland. A remote location had been chosen, which posed a huge technical and logistical challenge, to be overcome in a very short time frame.

It involved taking 2 hotels off the national grid, boosting, testing and delivering a temporary communications network and media facility for the 900 delegates and media present, designing and setting up 42 rooms and of course working diligently and sensitively to meet the requirements of the world’s security services.

  • 8 world leaders
  • 900 country delegates and media
  • 37 helicopter landings
  • 6 km of internet cable
  • 12 weeks to deliver
What they say about us
Lough Erne was the best summit I have ever attended…. Your team should feel seriously proud of that. They… showed immense personal dedication to making the summit a success. I particularly want to thank Rosie for all her hard work in the run up to, and during the summit. David Cameron, Prime Minister 2010-2016
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