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Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant

In 2012, Zebra oversaw the nautical celebration that was Her Majesty the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee River Pageant. With a 50-strong core production team, it was an absolute feat of diplomacy, organisation and logistics that saw a flotilla of over 1000 boats launched onto the Thames in precise formation, watched by a live audience of 1.2 million people lining the river, and 2 billion TV viewers worldwide.

With the monarch present, and thousands of participants and dignitaries involved, security was exceptionally tight. This event gave Zebra invaluable insight and the opportunity to demonstrate capabilities at the highest level.

  • 1 Queen and Leader of the Commonwealth of Nations
  • 1066 boats and 35,000 participants
  • 324 road closures
  • 2 billion TV viewers worldwide
  • 1 very sensitive security force
What they say about us
Whilst other key figures stood at Her Majesty’s shoulder on the barge, Machado was out of sight on the bridge, bringing this spectacular event into harbour with pin-point precision, and bang on its privately-raised budget. Peter Stanford, The Telegraph, June 2013
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