Leaving university – follow your heart

Rosanna Machado | October 18, 2018

Leaving university – follow your heart 

I love what I do!

I didn’t know my job even existed when I graduated with an Economics degree. At the time (over 20 years ago), there was very little careers advice if you didn’t want to follow a traditional path. I didn’t – and I was determined to find something I loved.

Was it daunting – yes!

Watching your friends sign up to graduate schemes at the big law firms, management consultants or accountants, of course you wonder whether you should’ve just gone for it. But looking back, I don’t regret it for a minute.

I’m passionate about people finding what they love, just like I did. It’s not easy to resist the instant security of the big firm and the regular hit into the bank account, and whilst it might mean an awkward conversation with the folks, it will work out for the better.

I love mentoring and helping people on their journey – sometimes you just need someone else to tell you it’s going to be ok. It can feel like everyone else around you is more sorted, but more often than not, they’re probably looking at you and thinking exactly the same thing. And they’re a little bit envious that you’ve had the guts to follow your heart.

It’s good practice for the future: starting a business can be slow process and you need to hold your nerve. You can go for six months without winning any new business, yet in one day, your revenue could double.