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I have worked with Rosanna for the last 10 years on a number of projects. I am always impressed with her ability to tackle complex problems head on, negotiate tricky situations and get the best out of team members. All this is done with good humour, and professionalism at all times.

Sir Michael Lockett KCVO

Thank you to the Zebra team for delivering the wow factor. Having you on board ensured the success of the Logicor project. Above your event expertise, we valued your patience, energy, flexibility and dedication – you were never fazed no matter how the brief changed or what we threw at you. I lost count of the number of people who passed on positive feedback specifically about the project team which is testament to your approach. I wouldn’t hesitate to appoint Zebra again and fully recommend them to others seeking event management consultancy

Mark Roberts
Head of Communications, Logicor

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The team at Zebra are utterly brilliant. Rosanna takes the time to understand our business and think creatively about how to bring our content to life. The team care about it as much as us, delivering to the highest standard, whether it’s making an opening video, creating high impact graphics for the MD or designing the set and staging for the convention. What they bring is a level of calmness, reassurance, professionalism and fun to every project.


Principled, inspiring, creative, clear, focused and generous – Rosanna’s talent for combining ambitious creative vision with faultless execution makes her unique across the scale of projects she has worked on. I have had the good fortune to see Rosanna in action delivering huge global events to intimate private dining experiences and small scale not for profit gatherings. Rosanna has earned her stripes and with Zebra provides live event and communications consultancy experience that you are unlikely to find anywhere else. Work with her once and you run the risk of having your standards and sense of what’s possible forever raised.

Olivia Lory Kay
Senior Consultant at Brightwave Group

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Thank you so much for all your work on the awards event. It was fantastic working with you and you’ve made a real impression on the team here!


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I’ve had the pleasure of working with Rosie across a number of corporate and public facing events, from The G8 Summit to The Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant – always projects with complex logistical and stakeholder management needs.

Our paths have crossed in many guises – I have been both Rosie’s client and have reported to her. I feel this gives me an all-rounded view of Rosie and I truly believe that the fundamental success of our events have been down to her reassuring and confident nature, along with her collaborative and creative approach.

In a nutshell Rosie can make the most stressful project enjoyable and I would thoroughly recommend her company to anyone looking to commission or deliver events across a range of industries.

Jules Richmond
Project Director/Senior Producer

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Rosanna worked with SPAR on the occasion of our SPAR convention in San Diego in the spring of 2016. During my carreer, I have worked with a variety of event coordinators. Never before have I felt more confident and comfortable than with Rosanna and her team. Several elements of the AV could have easily gone wrong during the business session but nothing did. She is professional but informal, assertive but helpful and completely unflappable. She is also great fun to work with. If the event matters to you, it will matter just as much to Rosanna.

Philippe Rondepierre
Head of Marketing at Nisa Retail Ltd

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My coaching sessions with Rosanna were a real opportunity to pause, take a moment for myself and raise my self-awareness. I was impressed with Rosanna’s ability to understand the context of my situation and challenge me, in a safe environment, to face some difficult decisions to help me achieve my goals. I found the sessions thought provoking and despite the tricky situations, I found I left the sessions with greater clarity and a sense that I was in control of how to move forward.

Juliette Cox
General Manager at Catholic Education Melbourne

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I’ve been having one-to-one coaching sessions online with Rosie for 6 months now. I first started with the intention of finding ways to cope with balancing the demands of a part-time job and also being self-employed. I was aware that these two parts of my life were pulling me in different directions. It was a challenge to maintain a positive mindset.

Working with Rosie is really energising and enlightening. I love the way she listens with such attention and knows exactly which questions to ask to unlock my self-awareness, enabling me to clearly see my way forward. She sometimes uses creative exercises which help me to visualise what I’ve otherwise struggled to articulate. With Rosie I feel totally safe and supported to explore whatever issues arise. In the safe space she provides, I feel I have been able to really challenge my thinking, moving forwards and making important decisions with new confidence.

In just 6 months I’ve moved on from feeling dissatisfied with my working arrangements to deciding to retrain and start a new business doing something I love. I’ve quit my part-time job and am now preparing to launch before the end of the year. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do but never had the confidence before. Now I know it’s absolutely the right decision for me. Without Rosie I might never have reached that point, so I’m very grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her and look forward to working with her more in the coming months.

Miranda Ellis
Life Coach

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I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to have been coached by Rosanna over the last few months. Our coaching sessions have coincided with a professionally tricky time for me and I have really appreciated her listening and providing a safe space to explore ideas. Following our sessions I never fail to feel energised and excited by the possibilities ahead!

Rachel Yates