Hold on or hold lightly

Rosanna Machado | December 22, 2021

The meaning of life – let’s keep it light for my end of year blog!! The subject that I have been pondering the most this year is the idea of setting goals and having a purpose versus living in the moment and when those two ideas come into conflict. I realise I have written a lot about both of these subjects – being present and being in the moment has brought me a lot of unexpected moments of joy and given me the opportunity to look up and see what is right in front of me which sometimes takes life in a new and exciting direction. Equally I have found a lot of comfort in living with meaning and purpose. So can you do both?

I think the key is to ‘hold it lightly’ – a favourite phrase in the coaching world. I used to think that hold it lightly meant taking a care-free attitude which I have never been very good at – I am the least casual person I know! But recently I have come to understand it better. I see hold it lightly as the ability to have a plan or an idea but be open to the forces around us that may change or shape that idea and take us in a different direction. Holding that idea lightly whilst living in the moment to see what else comes our way which may shape the path that we would like to take. We are often guilty of defining our goals very specifically – we jump to the solution and define the job title and company rather than focussing on our values and what’s important to us about where we work. By stepping back and looking at the bigger picture it gives us more freedom.

As you start to think about resolutions or goals for 2022, have a think about how you can create something that allows you to move forward and yet savour the moment too. It’s a case of having a framework that can flex and adapt with whatever life throws at you. The more you are present, the more it will flex as you will notice more opportunities around you. Your purpose helps you to understand what makes you come alive, your values act as your guiding principles and your ability to hold your other goals lightly allows you to look up, be present, seize the uncertainty and spontaneity and make life a little more magical.