How’s your 2020 vision?

Rosanna Machado | December 16, 2020

How’s your 2020 vision? A little blurry? There is no doubt that it has been a strange and unexpected year with challenges for each and every one of us. As we come to the end of 2020, I was reflecting on the unexpected joy of gaining clarity in areas of my life. The universal pause has given many of us permission to slow down, reflect and consider what is important.

For me, the majority of my regular work was cancelled back in March. Once I made peace with this situation, it has been a wonderful time to develop my identity – an identity that is not only defined by work. I have learnt over the years that in periods of work transition, I am usually clear and in fact excited about where I want to go and yet the hurdle is often other people’s opinions or my own worry that people will judge me for my lack of work or immediate achievement. I know deep down that the key is not to compare myself to others and to have that strong self-belief, however that is easier said than done, when the first question we ask each other is What do you do for a living? Where do you work? What project are you working on at the moment? Being busy with work has become a badge of honour and to admit that you are not busy can be tough.

2020 has been about embracing the unknown, being open to new opportunities and harnessing my creativity. Creativity has emerged in all aspects of my life – where I find my community, how I express my emotions, how I adapt my daily routine, the ways in which I coach, how I run events, how I keep fit and when I write. I feel I am entering 2021 having discovered more things I love, where my strengths lie and what makes me feel fulfilled.

So which parts of 2020 will you hold on to? What’s important to you? What’s stopping you doing what you really want to do? And as you interact with others, think about how you can ask more open questions about values, shared interests, podcasts and what people love to do rather than just what they do for a living. By sharing our lives on Zoom, we’ve had an insight into the wider context in which we all live, so let’s embrace that and find the joy in all parts of our identity.