Making space for the magic to happen

Rosanna Machado | August 23, 2021

I hate being late – it makes me feel stressed and I feel disrespectful to whoever I am meeting, irrespective of whether it is within my control or not! The other day when walking to the station with plenty of time to spare, I realised that the extra time serves another important purpose for me – it gives me the the opportunity for a chat, connection and to learn something new. I love these unexpected moments and know they wouldn’t happen if I was on a tighter schedule.

Being busy has become a badge of honour, but if we pack so much into our lives, we don’t allow ourselves time for those spontaneous chats, those chance meetings, those opportunities to be creative and to try different things. The best thing about 2020 for me was slowing down, accepting the uncertainty and looking for different opportunities to present themselves. It pays to be intentional about what you might be looking for but equally sometimes it is about being open to whatever might present itself.

As work has got busier recently, I was getting frustrated that I was neglecting other areas of my life. What I realised was that it doesn’t take much to make time for the other stuff – simply reflecting on it and making an intention has meant that I notice more and spot opportunities where I might not have seen them before.

So next time you are rushing around, look up, take a breather, see where the world takes you and make space for the magic to happen.