Swing Low

Rosanna Machado | August 18, 2022

Hello LinkedIn – it’s been a while! After two years of writing blogs consistently, and really enjoying it, the last seven months haven’t gone according to plan. It has been an incredibly intense year of highs and lows – losing my beautiful Mum unexpectedly whilst running the amazing Platinum Pageant. I know that I need to cut myself some slack but it is easier said than done.

Over recent years, I have struck a good balance of rules and habits to keep me mentally, physically, and spiritually fit, as well as the ability to embrace uncertainty and adapt to the ever-changing world. However last week, I discovered in my coaching supervision that I am not good at coping with low bandwidth. I am used to fitting so much into my life that recently I have felt frustrated that I am not writing more, coaching more, seeing friends more. As a keen practitioner of the Gestalt coaching method, my supervisor invited me to sit with my low bandwidth and inhabit the space. What did I discover?

  • I am judging myself harshly when no one else is. I often talk about being an emotional scientist and embracing all emotions without judgment and yet I find I am being tougher on myself than I would treat others. A lot of my goals are self-imposed and are easy to adapt – the world won’t end if I don’t post a blog!
  • I am achieving more than I give myself credit for so stopping and reflecting and celebrating the wins can bring a lot of joy
  • Verbalising or writing down what’s on my mind is helpful to capture it, give it perspective, explore it and allow me to park it, if it’s not for now
  • In a time of low bandwidth, there are still things that are non-negotiable, but I may need to adapt. For me a short swim is better than no swim

In our busy lives, if we can all take a moment to slow down, breathe and reflect, we can put things in perspective, listen to our body, understand our energy levels and decide where to put our focus.