Bringing joy to the events world

Rosanna Machado | April 29, 2019

As I sat in the Brick bar last Saturday, surrounded by adults jumping into ball ponds and building lego, I was reminded of a talk I went to and a book I read by Ingrid Fetell Lee called Joyful. Ingrid speaks about embracing the joy in the everyday, whether that’s childlike play, vibrant colours, nature or bubbles, amongst other things.

We are currently surrounded by lots of advice about getting a good work-life balance – embracing self-care practices, meditation, exercise and time out, all of which I think are very important. But the dilemma lies in the constant blurring between work and life so it’s important to make sure our work, as well as play, is joyful.

When I ran the Diamond Jubilee Pageant, we processed a huge number of invoices each week, so to make this more enjoyable, my colleague and I used to make up songs related to each of the invoices (my favourite was Mr. Sandbags!) Approving invoices was never so much fun!

So how can we make the event industry more joyful?

  • Dress for the joy you want – corporate doesn’t have to mean dull, inject some bright colours into your wardrobe (and even your hair!)
  • Create an inspiring work environment – we tell our clients that we are leading creatives and yet often our workspaces do not reflect this
  • Ensure that your clients enjoy meetings with you – so many clients are asked to organise events on top of their day job which can be stressful so the very least you can do is make it a joy for them and guess what…you might enjoy it too!
  • Develop the art of praising – we love to complain and sometimes forget that praising people is so important. Offer praise and tell people what was good about what they did so that they can build on it for their own personal development
  • Celebrate successes – however small, celebrate individual and team successes as it makes for a happy and more productive team
  • Remember your manners – no-one is too busy to say please and thank you
  • Think about designing event environments that bring you joy – using vibrant colours, light, open space, nature, circles
  • Inject the element of surprise into your events – through experiences, speakers and content so that delegates come away feeling delighted by the unexpected
  • Incorporate giving back into your event ethos – one way we do this is by donating our flowers to hospices after the event. It creates a feeling of joy for our staff and the client, knowing that we can do some wider good

And above all smile 😊