Connecting with nature

Rosanna Machado | May 13, 2021

It’s mental health awareness week and this year’s theme is nature. This past year has been an amazing year for me to connect with nature – more time exploring local parks, more walks with friends and more outdoor swimming. With work falling away, I realised that my previous pace of life had been too busy and by slowing down and connecting with nature, I have become more in tune with myself and my emotions and formed closer relationships with others.

My March this year was met with a hectic return to work – hectic because I had to come out of my year-long retirement (a little reluctantly!) and hectic because the intense pace of work felt more solitary working from home, without as much of the team banter and support as you would have in an office environment. I also realised that when working from home, you have to make a more conscious effort to connect with nature as there can be a tendency to never leave the house. I was amazed at how many of my wellbeing moments in the day are connected with a walk between meetings or a moment to myself on the commute to the office. These moments are even more important when human interaction is less and yet they can be the first thing to suffer.

When you think about your week ahead, have a think about how you can build in moments to connect with nature. In just a few minutes, it can have the effect of bringing some calm and joy into your life and help to put things in perspective. I spoke to the Better team about how swimming has such an important impact on my mental health.

I hope you can find your moment of wonder and joy somewhere in nature too!