The zebra’s new stripes

Rosanna Machado | October 6, 2020

I’m really excited to share that I have qualified as an Executive Coach. In Native American shamanism, the zebra is the symbol of balance, agility, clarity without filters, and sureness of path. This is something that really resonates with me as becoming a Coach has felt such a natural next step and somewhere where I feel really at home.

When I embarked on coaching, I knew that this was another string to my bow, however in the past two weeks it has become clearer to me how this naturally complements my events business. I was a guest on Kirstin Bourne’s podcast recently where I was asked to describe the creative process that I use at work. To listen to the full podcast, please click here

On the podcast, I reflected on the commonality between what I do in events and what I do in coaching. I use empathy and creativity in both, to heighten awareness and see a different perspective. Both require the ability to improvise, based on whatever I see, hear and feel. This clarity on where my strengths lie and where I can add the most value has been great as I evolve the business. Do check out my new website here

During my coaching course, we were asked to develop our own model. Through this process I realised that energy is a big theme for me when I coach – the energy that I put into session, the energy that I would like to create within the session with my client and how I would like us both to feel after the session.

I was reminded of how I feel when I swim. My swimming journey came from a place of fear – fear of putting my head under water, fear of open water and yet I pursued it, pushing myself into my discomfort zone. And each time I emerge, I realise I am much braver than I give myself credit for.  I now love it – I find it so energising and I feel very alive. This analogy has formed my coaching model which I hope will give you a sense of what it feels like to be coached by me.

Imagine swimming side-by-side in the open water. You have a destination in mind. To get there, we immerse ourselves, diving deeper to explore with curiosity whilst the water holds us in a safe positive space. Occasionally we emerge to survey the wider landscape. By getting into flow and rhythm, we’ll have greater self-awareness of the here and now. Sometimes the currents of life may carry us in a different direction, sometimes we navigate deeper waters and it becomes challenging but we’ll swim together, uncovering pathways, continuously moving forward, and we will arrive, feeling energised and with greater clarity.

I’m looking forward to diving deeper and exploring unchartered territory on the next stage of the Zebra journey. Where will you swim to next?